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A number of problems can arise with toilets such as the toilet not flushing and blocked toilets. Whatever the problem Fulton Street Plumbing Heating and Cooling can provide toilet repair 24/7 with experienced plumbing and drainage engineers. We realize that having a fully functional toilet is important for both commercial and domestic properties in, so we provide an emergency plumber to your door within 60-90 minutes. Our toilet repair services are second to none with experienced plumbers able to deal with new and old style toilet models.

Inspect the floor flange making sure it is free from all wax from the previous seal. Remove any old wax with a putty knife. Check to ensure the flange is tight to the floor. Tighten or replace loose or rusted flange screws. These are steps provided in our services.

or most things that involve the toilet and other water fixtures, but that is just not the case. The toilet is really one of the more simple devices in the home and anyone can do most repairs without having a lot of trouble.